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Poolharvest.io is a Chia farming pool running the official Chia pooling protocol. Join us today to enjoy fast reward payouts, low-latency worldwide pool servers and a friendly support staff!

Payouts every 2h
Zero threshold
Privacy no account
1% fee forever
  Special 25 XCH bonus drop! Pool farmers will share a 25 XCH bonus when the total pool storage hits 100 PiB.

3,127 farmers

Active farmers

The number of farmers using the pool.

60.37 PiB

Pool storage

Total storage space allocated to the pool.

2 hours ago

Last block

When the pool farmed its last block.

89.53 %

Round variance

The current farming round variance.

Last pool blocks

Block n°884,731

 Found on 09/20/2021 08:27:53

Block n°884,522

 Found on 09/20/2021 07:21:25

Block n°884,016

 Found on 09/20/2021 04:49:48

Block n°883,925

 Found on 09/20/2021 04:23:01

Block n°881,870

 Found on 09/19/2021 18:01:34

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